Celebrate independent Australian and international films of all genres.

About us

SydFest Independent Film Festival is an annual festival which celebrates independent Australian and international films of all genres.

The festival is dedicated to supporting and recognising indie filmmakers from all over the world.

We showcase the best new short films that have excellence in storytelling and promise informative, fascinating and riveting entertainment.

Festival Ambassador

JOANNE SAMUEL Actress, Director, Producer

Joanne Samuel has acted on major motion pictures, as well as playing recurring roles on television series.
known for Mad Max (1979, wife of Mel Gibson’s character Max), Nightmaster (1987, opposite Nicole Kidman), Smoke Between Trees (2019) and The Wiggles Movie (1997).
More recently, Joanne appeared in the ABC TV series Rake (2010-2018) and directed a children’s adventure film THE FIVE (2020).
Joanne is a long-time advocate for children’s arts education. and has taught youth drama in the Blue Mountains since 1999.



Honorary President

Producer, Director. Contemporary artist, doctor of art.
Directed: “Cake” and “Blooming on the wall”.
Director of Photography: “The Case”, “Fruit”, “Watermelon”, “A moment”.
Cinematography: “Hero” and “Up the Yangtze”.


Jury President

Director, Screenwriter and Art Director.
Since 2010, Yun Shan started to be a Movie Director and Screenwriter. Now two movies he directed are reserved in China Film Archive.
From 1996, He supervised more than 200 episodes TV series.


Jury Vice President

Editor, Trainer.

35 years of film production experience, he has worked in many films.

Paul Healy is known for “Pandemonium”, “Going Down” and “Australia: The Top End”.


Writer, Director and Producer

20 years of experience in the film and television industry. Penny
is a storyteller with a unique and independent voice, who is committed to making original content and delivering quality cinema to the screen. Penny’s
recent film “Trust Frank” competed at over 50 festivals, has screened in 18 countries and has won over 77 awards and accolades.


Writer, Director and Producer

35 year veteran in non-scripted and documentary. He’s dabbled in scripted, Executive Producing Plonk (a situation comedy series about wine and whiners) and has written and directed short films and music videos. Love & Other Mental Disorders is his latest short film. He’d like to do many more, as there are many stories still to be told


Producer, Director

A filmmaker that has been in the movie-film industry for nearly 20 years, produced a wide variety of films, plays, and T.V series that have gained success in Israel and worldwide. In addition, he was a theatre and film actor who participated in local and world productions.


Producer, Director

Independent artist, Screenwriter, Producer, Art Director.
20 years of film production experience, he has worked in many films that have won world-renowned film awards. For example, “Crosscurrent” 2016 and “Medal Carved on the Millstone” 2017.


Producer, Distributor

Associate Director from CMC Pictures. Engaged in the development, production, marketing, promotion, and international distribution of live-action and animation films.